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Thank you for your interest in our TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Program!

The TRIO SSS Program is a federal program funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education with in-kind support from Albion College. Students are accepted based on eligibility criteria and space availability. The information you provide will be used to determine your eligibility to participate in the TRIO SSS Program. 

Please read each question carefully and answer all the questions to the best of your ability. You will need to gather the following documents before you begin the TRIO SSS application: Federal Tax Returns for both you and your parent(s) or guardian(s) and your FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR). Please save an electronic version of these documents to upload into the application. 

Once you begin, you will not be able to save and restart your application. You will be required to answer all questions that have an (*) before you are able to submit your application. 

If you have questions or require assistance to complete this form, contact the TRIO SSS team at or by phone at 517-629-0950. 


Personal Information:

Some of the following information you are asked to provide is required by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE). This Demographic information will not impact your application for admission to the TRIO SSS Program. In addition, the descriptions of race/ethnicity below reflect the DOE's Annual Performance Report race/ethnicity descriptions. 

Fields listed as optional are not required by the DOE. 

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Contact Information:
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TRIO SSS is able to send text messages to participants to remind them about meetings and other events, as well as for an additional way to communicate with your TRIO Success Coach. If you do not want to receive text messages from the TRIO SSS team, please check the box below. 
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Please provide us with the following emergency contact information. If you do not have a parent or legal guardian provide the contact information of an adult emergency contact.
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Demographic Information:
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If you identify as American Indian, please specify your tribe.

TRIO Student Support Services Requirements

To be eligible for TRIO SSS, students must meet one or more of the following:

  • Be a first-generation college student (parent or legal guardian has not completed a four-year degree)
  • Meet federal income criteria
  • Have a documented disability

Also, every applicant must be:

  • Enrolled at Albion College
  • A U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • In need of academic support, as determined by Albion College, to pursue a postsecondary educational program successfully. 
Do you give consent to TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) program staff members to obtain information from the following Albion College Offices for determination of program eligibility?
Accessibility Services *
Financial Aid *
Admissions/Division of Enrollment Management/Registrar/Division of Student Development/Academic Affairs' *
Do we have permission to use your image for marketing purposes? *

First Generation Eligibility:

First-generation college student as defined by the High Education Act of 1965, 1998 Higher Education Act Amendments, is A) An individual both of whose parents did not complete a baccalaureate degree; or B) In the case of any individual who regularly resided with and received support from only one parent, an individual whose only such parent did not complete a baccalaureate degree. 

 For the purpose of this program this definition extends to legal guardians.

Which parent did you regularly reside with and receive support from? *
Based on the answer from the previous question, did one or both of the parent(s) receive a bachelor's degree before you were 18? *
At any time since you turned 13, were you an orphan, in foster care, or a ward of the state? *
Has it been decided by a court of your state of legal residence that you are an emancipated minor or that you are in legal guardianship of yourself? *
At any point prior to the age of 24, were you determined to be an unaccompanied youth who was homeless as determined by your high school or district homeless liaison or director of an emergency shelter or transitional housing program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development? *

Disability Eligibility:

The following questions will determine your eligibility to enroll as a student with a disability. 

Do you have a documented physical, medical, or psychological disability? *
Have you registered with Albion College's Accessibility Services? Registration is required for admission into TRIO SSS as a student with a disability. *

If you have a disability but have not registered, please contact our Director of Accessibility Services, Elizabeth Rudolph at (517) 629-0628 or at You may also visit the Accessibility Services Office website to learn about the registration process at:

Income Eligibility:

Parent/Guardian information and signature(s) are required for Dependent students. Parent/Guardian information and signature(s) are not required for Independent students. The applicants dependency can be found on the Student Aid Report (SAR). You can get a copy of your SAR by logging in to using your FSA Id and selecting "View SAR" option near the middle of the "My FAFSA" page.

The following questions will determine your eligibility to enroll under the income criteria. 

What is your dependency status? *
Please upload a copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR). You can get a copy of your SAR by logging in to using your FSA Id and selecting "View SAR" option near the middle of the "My FAFSA" page.
Please upload the first two pages of your Federal Tax Return, if you filed.
Please upload the first two pages of your PARENT/GUARDIAN'S Federal Tax Return, if filed.
Additional Information:
What TRIO services are you interested in receiving? Please type all that apply from the following list: Academic Support, In-Demand Career Skills, Graduate School information, Study Abroad Information, Financial Management, Financial Aid Information, Study Skills, Tutoring, Peer tutoring, Other (if other please elaborate)
Have you earned any college credits? *
Are you a returning student? A returning student has not attended any college or university for 5 years and is now enrolled at Albion College. *
What is your major? *
Tell us why you are interested in being a part of TRIO Student Support Services and how your participation in this program can benefit you as a college student? *
How were you referred to TRIO SSS?
Which did you receive from high school?
As of today, are you a displaced worker? An individual is considered a displaced worker if they have been fired or laid off, been notified that they will be laid off, are self-employed and out of work due to economic conditions or a natural disaster, or you're dependent on a family member who's been laid off or underemployed in the military.
TRIO Student Support Services reserves the right to consider life circumstances and other criteria that may impact student eligibility. A sub-committee of the TRIO-SSS and other Albion College staff members determine acceptance and document final decisions. Examples of life circumstances could be pregnancy and/or death of parent/guardian or close relative.
Are you currently experiencing any life circumstances that could impact your eligibility into the TRIO SSS program?
Please upload your final high school transcript
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